Facebook has started rolling out a feature it called “downvote”. This latest feature allows users to register a undesirable reaction to comments on the social networking platform but however different from the “dislike” button users have long been clamoring for.

Clicking the “downvote” button hides the comment for the user who taps it, then request for the user’s opinion to know whether the comment was “offensive”, “misleading”, or “off topic”.

Recall that sometimes in February this year, Facebook confirmed this feature that it will only affects about 5% of Android users who have English set as their default language in the app.

Now, it seems that the rollout of the feature has been extended to more users according to TheNextWeb.

With its downvote button, Facebook is putting a lot of faith into its users. It wants people to use it to flag what Facebook calls “bad comments,” which it defines as having “bad intentions or is disrespectful.” It’s making great pains to emphasize that this isn’t a dislike button.

Unfortunately, ‘dislike button’ has been on many users’ wishlist since the social media giant introduced its “like” button in February 2009.

At the moment, this feature isn’t rolling out to every user from the comments so far on twitter but majority of the people who are based in Australia and Zealand already have access to the upvote and downvote features.

We hope the features will soon be available for other countries.


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