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Apple Makes 35% of Total Industry Profits With iPhone X in Q4 2017

Android phone manufacturers needs to sit up as Apple profit continues to dwarf theirs year after year. The iPhone X hasn’t meet up with the projected figure in Q4 2017, though it made five (5) times more profit than the combined profit of over 600 Android manufacturers.

That is 35% of total mobile phone industry profits for that quarter. It is outrageous for a single device maker to trample on hundreds.

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Highlights From Q4 2017 Data

  • Apple remained the most profitable brand, capturing 86% of the total handset market profits
  • Further splitting profits by model, the top 10 models captured 90% of the total handset profits.
  • Apple and Samsung flagship models, lead in terms of profits as compared to other OEMs.
  • Apple’s older generation iPhones, iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 still generate more profit than some of the more recent Android flagships from key Chinese OEMs.
  • Huawei led all the Chinese brands, with profit increasing 59% YoY.

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