Apple iPhone X Gets Home Button Add-on Headphone Jack

Must an iPhone come with a physical home button? Well, I leave that to the users. However, Apple is preparing to release something that would quench the thirst of those clamoring for the physical home button ever since the leak of iPhone X started last year.

Aside, just having the physical home button add-on, there will also be Touch ID feature incorporated into it. This latest development is sure to pacify those who hate the Apple’s face unlock tech.

Talking about the design of the home button add-on for the iPhone X, the device measures 29 mm × 30 mm × 3.9 mm (1.1 in × 1.18 in × 0.1 in) – about the size of a 4th gen iPod Shuffle. About the built, it’s made up of a glossy, white plastic. The button is covered in glass.

The iPhone X home button add-on plugs into the Lightning port of your iPhone X, but don’t be scared, as it has a Lightning port of its own and a 3.5mm headphone jack to boot!

Are you tired of Face ID? No worries again, as you now have the opportunity go back to the old way of unlocking your iPhone with your thumb. And not only that, but you can also listen to your music playlist from your wired headphones while charging your iPhone the good old wired way. Cables are still interesting. Isn’t it? Well for now.

Other than that, the iPhone X home button add-on works exactly like physical home buttons of yore. That is, you can hold the button to bring up Siri, double tap it to bring up your recent apps, or press it once to go to the home screen. Support for the home button add-on has been introduced in iOS 11.3.

The iPhone X physical home button add-on will hit store shelves in May, priced at $69.99.


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