A lot of voice assistants can make calls and send texts without you needing to touch your screen, but Cortana couldn’t do that on Android until now. The latest update comes with this capability, and even though it’s not a cutting-edge feature, it’s certain it will make your life just a little bit more convenient if you use Cortana regularly.

What’s New In The Latest Update?

  • Calling and texting is supported via Cortana voice input. Now complete these tasks without tapping on the screen.
  • Your email commitments are archived in one central place.

How Does It Work?

According to those that have tested it on their device,  it worked pretty well. Calling is a one-step process if you say “call Peter,” or a two-step one if you just say “call” first and make Cortana ask you for the name. Texting is much the same; saying “text Peter hello” brings you to a confirmation screen with options to send and cancel the message, but simply saying “text John” will cause Cortana to request the message first. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

The update is already be live on the Play Store with version, and you can also get the latest Cortana APK over at APK Mirror if you need it.

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