Xiaomi Unveils Mi Body Composition Scale

Everything getting smart as Xiaomi announced the Mi Body Composition Scale in India. The device is designed to track various body stats when paired with the Mi Fit app.

At a glimpse, the Mi Body Composition Scale looks like a regular weighing scale. The surface is made out of tempered glass which comes with an anti-slip finish for users with wet feet. It has a large LED display that lights up the moment you step on the scale and auto adjusts brightness to ambient light.

How Mi Body Composition Scale Works?

When paired with the Mi Fit app over Bluetooth (available for Android and iOS), the scale can show you your weight, body mass index, body fat, muscle mass, water percentage, bone mass, visceral fat, body score, basal metabolism, and more. You can create up to 16 profiles for multiple individuals in the household and it can automatically detect whether it’s an adult or a child. The data can then be used to improve your workout schedule or just keep a track of your health.

The scale uses 4x AAA batteries (included) and can last up to 8 months with Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

The Mi Body Composition Scale is priced at INR 1999 ($30) and available online at

What do you think about this sweet product from Xiaomi?

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