Of course, it’s easy to lock your phone – using the lock button – but you sometimes finds it lazy to unlock it. With the volume of private data we have on our phones, security is indispensable.

Android phones are encrypted by default, and offers multiple methods for locking and unlocking them. Some are more secure though might be inconvenient at times, while others easier and faster to get our phone locked and unlocked.

So you might have been wondering which one suit you best. Well, sometimes it depends on your mood, what you have on your phone and many other reasons.

Phone Unlock Technology And How They Work

PIN Code: A PIN code is a simple alternative to a password. A strong PIN code can be difficult to remember, but easier to enter than a password. Android allows PINs of up to 16 digits, which equates to 10 quadrillion combinations. Most people are more likely to choose a four digit PIN which may be difficult to guess so long as you don’t use something obvious like 1234 or 5555.

Pattern Lock: The pattern lock requires you to draw a pattern on a grid of nine dots. You need to join between four and all nine horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. It is easy to use, simple and likely predictable.

Pattern lock is only recommended if you don’t have a fingerprint ID scanner and you dislike Pin codes.

Fingerprint ID: Fingerprint sensors are now so common you even get them in many entry-level phones. It has become the preferred unlock method for many. It is fast and secure but fingers are not always position in the right spot. Some phones even support fingerprint gestures.

Password: In my opinion, a randomly generated long password is still the most secure way to lock a phone.. A strong password—or better yet, a passphrase—can be difficult if not impossible to crack, and will ensure your phone and everything on it remains safe.

Face ID Recognition: Fast and unlocks your phone with just a glance. Not very secure in its current form.

Which unlock technology do you think is more secure to use and which one is active on your device?


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