Already Leaked renders showed that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s will have its selfie camera in the top right corner to enable a uniformly thin bezel all around the screen. But the authenticity of that image came into question after yesterday’s leak showed the rear camera in a different position.

And now, we have video evidence that the selfie cam will be in a little notch in the corner. As far as notches go, this one is by far the most inoffensive, it’s about the size of a status icon.

Sadly, one cannot see bottom of the screen in this video. Leaked images of the front show that the thicker bottom bezel of the first two Mix models will be gone.

This older video does show the bottom of the screen. Xiaomi has gone for an iPhone X-style interface – the Mi Mix 2s will not have on-screen buttons, but instead rely on gestures (there will probably be a toggle to go back to buttons, MIUI loves to offer tweaks to its users).


As for an under-screen fingerprint reader, that rumour has been conclusively put to rest (you can see it’s on the back in yesterday’s leak).

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