Is there anything better than unlimited enjoyment? With data cap on your subscription, you are can’t do without always checking your balance anytime you want to download a file or after downloading it. Are one of those requesting to know the best data plan? We do have alot but the best is just unlimited. However, we still have the best unlimited data plan, and which one is the best in Nigeria?

Well, Ntel can currently claim that for now with its daily, weekly, monthly as well as its unlimited night plans. Of course, we all know that Ntel is a 4G network and one of the best in the country. However, its coverage is still limited.

Though the operator increased the price of its unlimited monthly plan to ₦17,500 last year, but its still one of the best data plans. One of the benefits in subscribing fot Ntel unlimited plan is the absence of throttling – no go slow at any point.

Here are the Ntel unlimited data plans we are talking about;

Ntel Unlimited U-Daily


With this plan, you have unlimited access to the internet for 48 hours. This simply means that with just ₦1,500, you have access to unlimited download, streaming and whatever you want to do with internet.

Ntel Unlimited U-Weekly

With his plan, users can have access to unlimited browsing, downloading, streaminng and whatever you like for 7 days. The U-Weekly costs you ₦3,750.

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Ntel Unlimited U-Monthly(Family)

Nothing like the monthly due to its length of days before the next subscription. All you need is ₦17,500 to enjoy unlimited browsing for a month.

Ntel Unlimited Nigth Plan

The night plan is actually for Night surfers or workers. You’ll start browsing from 10pm to 6am every night. Click here to get more info on Ntel unlimited Night plans.



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