Checkout 9Mobile tariff plans with different advantages and peculiarities. Below, you will find all of them described in details and with all the necessary information in case you would like to change your current one for one of the new plans.

In case you would really want to migrate to another tariff plan immediately, you will also find special migration codes that will help you perform the operation. Yet, even knowing all the details of each of the new plans, you will better evaluate all the available options and take your time before making your final choice and migrating to another tariff plan.

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The list of all 9Mobile tariff plans

Well, before we get down to more detailed insights into each of the plans, let’s take a brief look at the entire list of the available plans.

  • 9Mobile CliqLite
  • 9Mobile MoreBusiness
  • 9Mobile MoreCliq
  • 9Mobile MoreFlex
  • 9Mobile MoreFlex Evolution
  • 9Mobile MoreLife
  • 9Mobile MoreTalk
  • 9Mobile Super Bonus
  • 9Mobile TalkZone

In case you don’t know what your current tariff plan is, here’s a quick tip. The USSD code to dial is *200*1*6#. You will receive a message that will inform you of the current active plan on your SIM card.


More about the latest and cheapest 9Mobile tariff plans

9Mobile CliqLite

It is a tariff designed for schoolchildren between 8 and 15 years old because the plan foresees free access to educational apps and entertainment. However, if you wish, you can take advantage of this plan, too.

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The USSD you need to dial to quickly migrate to the CliqLite plan is *244*10#.

9Mobile MoreBusiness

This tariff is designed for businesses of a small and medium size. The tariff plan provides exceptional flexibility, allowing you to select, which services you need. Prices here vary from N1,000 for 70 minutes and 750Mb of data to N10,000 for 650 minutes and 10Gb of data.

Each separate plan has its own migration USSD code so it makes sense to specify the details from the provider directly.

9Mobile MoreCliq

It’s one of the simplest and cheapest 9Mobile call tariff plans with 20k/sec to 9Mobile and 40k/sec to other providers. Free midnight calling between 12.30am and 4.30am. In case you manage to use about N25 per day, your tariff will be lower: 15k/sec to 9Mobile and 30k/sec to other providers.

Every N200 recharge gives you 15Mb of data. The USSD is *244*1#.

9Mobile MoreFlex

This is another cheap and easy tariff plan to activate on your 9Mobile SIM. Every N300 recharge will give you 50Mb of data and N900 for calling to all the available networks in Nigeria.

9Mobile MoreFlex Evolution

It’s a tariff that allows giving preference to data over voice calls or vice versa. All you need to do is choose what you use and like more, data or or voice calls, and choose the most suitable package. Again, you can receive more information on the details of each specific bundle from the official provider who will also help you migrate and customize your plan to meet your needs.

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9Mobile MoreLife

This tariff is said to be the cheapest of the existing 9Mobile tariff plans. It’s designed for more talking and you can make calls for 11k/sec to all the available local networks. International lines will cost you 20k/sec. Incoming calls in separate countries will be free for you.

The USSD code for the migration is *420*1#.

9Mobile MoreTalk

9Mobile MoreTalk has a unique feature called “You&Me”, which allows you to stay in touch with your family and friends even if you’ve run out of airtime at very favorable rates.

With a range of other lovely offers, this is one of the most preferable tariffs. The USSD code is *244*2#.

9Mobile Super Bonus

This tariff means that when you recharge your phone with N200, they will give you N1,400 for voice calls once and keep on giving you 250% of bonus on each following recharge.

This tariff can be activated only on new SIM cards, which are recharged with N200.

9Mobile TalkZone

The TalkZone offers you great discounts for voice calls. You can talk for 12k/sec while you are calling at off-peak hours (12.30am to 4.30am).

The migration USSD code is *244*8#.

Well, here’s the list of all the new 9Mobile tariff plans with a brief explanation of their details and approximate costs. Now, you can choose the one that suits your needs best of all and enjoy the effective and quick mobile connection.



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