Spotify IS Testing Voice Search Within Its App

A new feature is currently being tested on Spotify for by few users – a new voice interface. This voice interface would allow users to open the Spotify app and hit a mic button which would ask you to make a voice command such as “Play my discover weekly”, or “listen to my workout playlist”.

Of course, this feature is already available on Google Assistant by ending the command with “listen to … on Spotify” but that of Spotify is specifically tailored for finding music, a playlist, a song, or discovering music.

This test was first discovered by Twitter user Hunter Owens who included screenshots into a tweet. A Spotify representative confirmed to Tech Crunch that this is a test “for now”. Currently, only a small number of users have access to the voice interface in the app.

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A voice interface would make it easier to find certain playlists or music genres when you don’t feel like rummaging through tabs and lists of genres. There’s a vast collection of music on Spotify’s database and a voice input would make it much easier to find recommendations and songs.

According to Speculation made by Tech Crunch, Spotify might even be able to use the voice interface for developing a smart speaker in the future. It would need to be more compelling than the already-available smart speakers that are compatible with the streaming service. Currently, Amazon Echo and Google Home devices are natively compatible with Spotify.

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