Most people might actually be wondering what we mean by Samsung Movie Maker. The app is preinstalled on many Galaxy devices, but it’s quite well-hidden. It’s only visible when you begin to edit a video through the Gallery app. However, the service will soon be dropped when Android P becomes public. So some of you might have to discover a new video editor on Android.

This info on discontinuation was from the upload notes for the APK from APK Mirror, which state;

“Samsung Movie Maker service will be terminated after Android P (or Android 9.0) update.”

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Also, a user further confirmation this when he shared a screenshot of what popped up on his screen after updating Movie Maker with Androidpolice.

It’s uncertain if Samsung will be replacing the app with something else or simply letting if off completely. In anyways, ensure you export your projects prior to updating to Android P whenever you use Movie Maker.


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