Play Store Now Recommends Lite Apps To Users

For almost two years now, ‘lite’ app introduction and acceptance (download and installations) have been been on the rise. Lite apps are lightweight and data- optimized alternative applications for popular services. Examples includes Facebook Lite, Skype Lite, and Twitter Lite and many more.

However, most people may be aware of their existence but might not have seen them before while some does not even know if these alternatives exist unless they by chance appear high up on Play Store search results.

Google is apparently trying to fix this issue, with a new message about lite apps appearing for some users. As seen in the screenshot above, the message notifies users that a lite version of the particular app is available. The alert also shows the file size of the lite app, and pressing ‘View’ takes you to the app listing.

However, some regions are yet to have all the available lite apps.

Well, this appears to be a very good campaign for lite apps. What’s your take on this, let us know via the comment box.

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