Amazing! Nokia 7 Plus Sold Out In Just 5 Minutes

The Nokia 7 plus appears to be winning people’s heart in China as the first batch of phones sold out in 5 minutes. And this is how it happened: the online shop doors opened this yesterday at 10:07am and 5 minutes later all available units were gone. The phone sold for CNY 2,300 for the 4GB/64GB version and CNY 2,500 for the 6GB/64GB version (that’s €239 and €318 respectively).

Nokia 7 plus sold out in minutes
Nokia 7 plus sold out in minutes

If you miss out, don’t worry, another batch will be made available by next week – on March 15 at 10:07am. Chances are that the new batch will be gone just as quickly. Of course, neither HMD nor the stores will say how many phones are in a batch.

Well, for those that are not in China, we all have to wait until April. The Nokia 7 plus is set to cost €400.

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