Nimbus Unveils The World Largest SSD – 100TB of Flash Storage Is HERE

What?! 100TB! Yes, you heard me. Don’t say what heck am I going to keep in 100TB storage system? Remember the technology world is getting bigger. The world’s largest SSD comes in a astonishingly casual package – Nimbus Data’s ExaDrive DC100, a 100TB solid state drive, is packaged in an acquainted 3.5” SATA drive form factor. The focus of this drive is efficiency and not speed.

It is power efficient (0.1W/TB) and space efficient too. According to Nimbus, This is actually very good and recommended to data centers as this can reduce their expenses on electricity, cooling and rack space by 85%, when compared to other large SSDs such as the Samsung’s 30.72TB SSD.  Referring to Nimbus estimate, the total cost ( the drive and all) will be 42% less per terabyte compared to such drives over a 5-year period.

How Fast Is The Nimbus ExaDrive?

The drive isn’t terribly fast – it has symmetrical sequential read/write performance of 500MB/s and random read/write of 100K IOPS. That’s better random write than the Samsung, but slower read (it does 400K/50K). The sequential read and write speeds are quite a bit behind though (Samsung’s drive promises 2,100MB/s and 1,700MB/s respectively).

The ExaDrive DC100 comes with a 5-year “unlimited endurance guarantee” and has a mean time between failures of 2.5 million hours. If it’s too pricey for your needs, Nimbus Data launched a 50TB version last year.

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