WhatsApp is a popular instant messenger that constantly receive update from its developers. And now, we have another update gradually rolling out to beta users.

WhatsApp is presently working on improving its Change number feature on iOS, Android and Windows phone. When you get a new number or just decided to change your number on WhatsApp, it migrates the data to the new number preserving the chat history and will be automatically gets added to the groups that the old number is present and notifies group members.

With the newest feature rolling out, you now have the ability to choose if you want to notify some or all contacts. Users can also choose to notify contacts they’ve chatted with. This is really a very handy feature to have when users change the number and want to notify their contacts.

Instead of informing all contacts one after the other, you can choose the options to notify all your contacts or not to notify anyone at all… but groups you belong will always be notified about your number change. After your migration to a new number, all your chats history will be moved to the new number.

This is a good move as you can quietly change your number without notifying any of your WhatsApp mole. The update is currently available for WhatsApp beta v2.18.97 which you can download from Google Play store for Android. iOS and windows phone users will receive theirs in the next update.


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