Infinix Beta Testers Recruitment Comes With Benefits! How To Apply

Are you a fan of infinix Mobile and currently using any of infinix product? Well, Infinix is however looking for passionate tech enthusiasts in android world that can offer the company good suggestions for Infinix products and its future.

As a beta tester , you will be given the opportunity to try out Infinix products before anyone else and get the chance to pass on recommendations to the product team. You get invites to exclusive elite testers meetups , free gifts and the chance to join the Infinix team at various events.

Moerover, you’ll also have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and talents which could lead to a chance of you officially partnering with Infinix on personal projects.

How To Apply For Infinix Beta Testers?

So, are you INTERESTED in the offer? If your answer is yes, why no click this link and fill in the form correctly. Once you are done, wait patiently for the Infinix team to contact you.




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