Four (4) fast and easy ways to reset GOtv channels after subscribing

There are many ways to reset your GOtv channels yourself without contacting a service centre or GOtv customer care centre. With this post, you will learn how to reset GOtv channels by yourself without stress.

By default, your GOtv is expected to be automatically activated and your channels restored after you have made your payment. However, on few occasions, you get unwanted error and this means you will need to do a manual reset to get your GOtv Nigeria channels back.

How To Search For The Missing Channels?

Now to find and restore your missing channels, just follow the below steps:

  1. Press “Menu” on your remote.
  2. Select “Advanced Options”.
  3. Then select “Installation”.
  4. Select “Tuning”.
  5. Then select “Automatic Scan” and press the “OK” button.
  6. Press the exit button on the remote once scanning is completed.

The above method should restore your subscribed channels.


Note: Do not interrupt the scanning while in progress.

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How To Reset Your GOtv Channels Via SMS (text message)

  • To reset your GOtv channels via text message, send “RESET, your IU number” to 4688.

For example, if your IU number is 2019656383, you will send RESET 2019656383 to 4688 .

How To Reset Your GOtv Channels Online Using Gotv Self-Service

  • Visit the GOtv website on your laptop or phone.
  • Log into your Eazy GOtv account using your IU account number and surname.
  • Go to the GOtv self-service.
  • Click on the “Clear Error Code” dialogue box.
  • Enter your IUC number and then select GOtvE16.
  • Enter the error code displayed on your screen and click on “Clear Error”.
  • Then click on “Reset device now” option.
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This should reset your GOtv decoder.

Calling Customer Care.

Well, this is the one of the option we don’t like but it’s atleast better than walking down to their shop.

Dial +2348039044688 from any phone network in Nigeria to contact GOtv customer care for help. Then you will have the possibility to speak with a customer care representative who will help you rest your GOtv channels.

Note: It’s advisable to have at least ₦200 – ₦400 credit on your line before dialling because it’s not toll free and ensure you power ON your decoder.

You should be able to reset your GOtv Nigeria channels with any of the following methods. If not, then you should contact a GOtv service centre or call GOtv customer care centre.



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