There are several methods you can use to reset your GOtv channels without the need to contact the company’s service centre or customer care centre. With this post, we are going to teach you how you can reset GOtv channels by yourself without stress.


By default, upon successful payment, your subscription should automatically be activated to get all your channels restored. However, subscribers on few occasions gets unwanted error, hence resulting to the need to perform a manual reset in order to get the channels back.

1. How To Restore The Missing Channels On The Decoder

To restore those missing GOtv channels, you need to simply follow the below steps:

  1. Press “Menu” on your GOtv remote.
  2. Select “Advanced Options”.
  3. Then select “Installation”.
  4. Select “Tuning”.
  5. Then select “Automatic Scan” and press the “OK” button.
  6. Press the exit button on the remote once scanning is completed.

The above method should restore your subscribed channels.

Note: Ensure you don’t interrupt the scanning while in progress.

2. How To Reset GOtv Channels Online Using Gotv Self-Service

  • First off, visit the GOtv website on your laptop or phone.
  • Then log into your Eazy GOtv account using your IU account number and surname.
  • Go to the GOtv self-service.
  • Tap or click on the “Clear Error Code” dialogue box.
  • Now enter your IUC number and then select GOtvE16.
  • Enter the error code displayed on your screen and click on “Clear Error”.
  • Then click on “Reset device now” option.

This is expected to reset your GOtv decoder.

3. How To Reset GOtv Channels Using SMS

For you to reset the channels on your GOtv decoder via SMS, simply send “RESET, your IU number” to 4688.

For example, if your IU number is 2019463110, you will send RESET 2019463110 to 4688 .

4. Reset GOtv Channels By Calling Customer Care.

This is the last option though pretty effective but stressful and expensive. This is because you are either going to use your airtime to speak with GOtv online custumer care agent or go to their shops close you.

To speak with GOtv customer care for help, simply dial +2348039044688 from you phone irrespective of the network you are using in Nigeria.

Note: It’s not toll free and make sure your decoder is powered ON.


The abovementioned methods above should be able to reset your GOtv channels. If none of them works, simply contact a GOtv service centre or call GOtv customer care centre.


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