How To Increase The Internet Speed On Your Phone

Nothing is more infuriating than seeing your phone screen unresponsive. Imagine trying to comment first on a topic posted in a forum like Nairaland and your phone suddenly hanged. You understand what I mean. Trying to play kids at time makes one happy

Did you ever stop to think that perhaps the fault lies in your mobile phone, rather than your connection? Maybe it’s your phone, cluttered with haphazard junk and experiencing glitches, that is slowing down your internet from reaching its full potential, and thus creating such an incredible amount of annoyance for you. If this is indeed the case, all you need to do is a few tweaks here and there, and your internet will run as fast as a flash fire.

How can you boost your smartphone’s internet speed in seconds, without having to wait all day? By making the following adjustments, that’s how.

How To Increase Your Phones Internet Speed

Restart Your Phone

You’re obsessing over the latest Instagram hashtag, yet you can’t keep pace with it because your smartphone’s internet is getting stuck more often than not, and the browser keeps crashing. You try everything, yet all in vain. But you forget to try the simplest of all methods: restarting your phone. Yes, this simple process works like magic most of the time. Just press the power button, restart your phone, wait a few seconds, and there you have it – speedy internet.

Minimize Your Home Screens

Sometimes, you’re in a sticky situation and you need to access an app without having to go through the entire menu. Having the app on the home screen is a huge help. Just a tap and there it lies. But you don’t need to get carried away with it by having eight to nine widget-filled home screens. That will put an incessant load on the phone, burdening it, and preventing it from running the internet smoothly. Delete those extra screens, and let your phone breathe a sigh of relief.

Undo the Apps That Are Of No Use

At one time, you installed a certain app on your phone, used it for a little while, and then completely forgot about it. It became useless to you, yet still, it sits like a weight on your mobile’s memory. Check your phone right now, and I bet you $100 that you’ll come across at least one such pointless app hiding in plain sight. It’s time you deleted it. This will help to power your internet speed.

Stop Those Detestable Background Apps

You may think that you’ve closed your social media apps before heading off to sleep. But in reality, they keep on running in the background, off-screen, and in the shadows. This may seem harmless, but is actually draining your phone’s battery, power, and memory. Because of this, internet lags are created, bringing you to the point of pulling your hair out. So go ahead and kill those ninja apps, easing up the system memory, and reinvigorating its life.

Reset Your Phone

This is the last resort. If the rest of the tips don’t work out, do a factory reset of your phone to bring everything back to its original state.

So if your mobile internet has been crashing, freezing, and buffering lately, it’s time you considered the speed-boosting tips mentioned above, so you can enjoy a bump-free experience going forward. With these modifications, you can easily play your favorite games, give out hearts on Instagram, and even watch the latest Netflix series on your mobile with the Xfinity TV app.

Scan Your Settings

If your mobile internet is moving slowly, then perhaps your phone’s network settings have been tampered with. Scan the whole technical area, and see if something’s been switched off or set awry automatically. Perhaps data caps have been planted without your notice, or your network shifted to 3G from your usual 4G LTE. Take a magnifying glass to it, be a detective, and apprehend the sluggish perpetrator.

Clear Away the Accumulated Cache

Cache is a means by which your favorite apps store bits and pieces of information for you in order to improve the overall experience. Though this is highly helpful in some regards, it does create an undue stress on the phone as a by-product. Clear away the accumulated cache of certain apps which you’re willing to let go of, and see how fast your mobile internet runs from there.

Transition to Cloud

When the times are as fast-moving and technologically advanced as they are now, you should know how to move with them. If the rest of the world’s going up for cloud computing, then why should you be left behind? Take the transition route and shift your storage to the cloud, releasing up your phone’s internal memory, and allowing it to operate the important stuff, like the internet, with full energy.

Install a Speedy Browser

If your mobile internet’s been showing an irritating amount of latency, the problem may lie in your outdated browser. A browser is a launching platform, which allows you to access the internet on your smartphone, and surf the web with ease. If it’s old, then it may not run certain sites efficiently. So modify your browser (Chrome and UC are top options), and enjoy a smooth online experience.

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