Google Rebrands Android Wear To Wear OS by Google

Google has announced that Android Wear will from now be called Wear OS by Google. The new branding will show up on some of the watches and the mobile app over the coming weeks.

Well, one would still wonder why the change of name is necessary now. Not even when Android Wear is already finding its way to early grave. Thus, a change in branding cannot even be the saviour; it’s like giving the Titanic a new name with the hope that it won’t sink.

Android Wear Rebranded To Wear OS By Google

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Apple Dominates The Smartwatch Market

Smartwatch sales are dying and the only one anyone interested in buying anymore is the Apple Watch. Almost 50% of the smartwatches in town are from Apple. So Google has a very huge combat to face.

What Killed Android Wear?

Even before that Android Wear, now called Wear OS by Google devices were beset with high pricing, large, bulky models with poor battery life, major OEMs pulling out leaving only marquee fashion brands with overpriced products, and a lack of updates for older models.

Application support is also largely non-existent and most of these devices get relegated to notifications and fitness tracking in which case, why wouldn’t you just buy a cheaper fitness tracker?

A new name when your platform is facing very serious issues like these is the very definition of too little, too late.

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