Google Buys Tenor GIF platform

Are you saying Google images is great and unlimited? Yes you are correct. The web giant has no competitor in that area with its vast catalogue of indexed pictures and its top and best searching algorithms. But, when you are talking of sourcing for a great animated GIF, Google might not be your first choice.

In order to solve this problem and to add to its large data base, Google decided to let some cash out of their wallet to buy Tenor. If you often find yourself in need of a “1337” or otherwise “dank” GIF in you daily routine, then you probably already know Tenor. If not, you might have heard of GIPHY – a similar GIF hosting, search and sharing platform.

According to a post from Google’s blogpost, with this acquisition, Tenor will continue functioning as its own separate brand. That means that web, Android and iOS app users can keep on GIFing to their heart’s content. Apparently, Google found value and potential in its existing search algorithms and APIs and is planning to help Tenor better those in the future and likely integrate them into Google Images and probably Gboard.

Obviously, we can expect more GIFs in various Google services and apps in the future. Now, GIFing with enough GIFs continues.

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