The lottomania Daily Hammer game is a lottery game that allows players win up to ₦5Million daily. All the player has to do is to enter the day’s draw by sending his 6 preferred numbers to 873.

Who can participate in the Lottomania draw?

Any MTN subscriber who is above the age of 18years

How can I participate/ subscribe/ register?

To participate, simply dial *373*1# OR send IN to 873.

This would subscribe you to the service and would ensure you receive 6 numbers and a ticket daily automatically.


Can I change these numbers?

Yes, you can. Simply Dial *873# and select the ‘customize entry’ option.

You can change your numbers up to three times for a draw FREE of charge.

I have my own numbers. Can I play them?

Yes, Send PLAY+G numbers to 873 by SMS or dial *873# and select Manual Play option

How do I know that I was successfully registered/subscribed/entered?

You would receive an SMS. This SMS (or ticket) would contain your played numbers, ticket ID and draw ID.

Please do NOT delete this SMS as you would need this SMS to claim your prize.

I want to register today but I don’t have airtime, is that possible?

No. you must have a minimum of ₦100 airtime to subscribe.

How many times can I play daily?

You can play as many times as you want in a day by buying additional tickets.

How to buy additional tickets?

You can buy more tickets by playing the Quick Pick or Manual Play options on the USSD menu. Simply dial *873# and select.

What time of the day must I subscribe/ register/ send the opt-in message?

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You can subscribe at any time of the day. However, any subscription after 6pm would enter you for the next day’s draw

How often will I be charged is it a monthly/daily/one off subscription?

You would be charged every time you play.

How can I stop this service/ opt- out/ unsubscribe?

To opt Out, Send STOP IN to 873 OR dial *873# and select the unsubscribe option

How do I know what was the winning number?

You can check the winning numbers by visiting the website: OR by dialling *873# and checking draw status

How will I know that I have won?

You would receive an SMS from 873 informing you that you have won.

When do I receive my prize?

You can claim your prize immediately you receive an SMS that you are a winner. Your prize must be received within 14days.

How do I receive my prize?

Prizes can be redeemed via the following ways:

  • Prizes below ₦1000 would be paid via MTN Airtime.
  • For prizes above ₦1000, simply walk into any Zenith Bank branch, present your ticket and you would be paid in cash.
  • Payments can also be made into your bank account or mobile money wallet. Simply register on the USSD menu (*873#) and select ‘payments’.

What happens if I subscribed to the service then I didn’t top up my airtime for a long time?

You would not be billed and you would not get the tickets daily.

When will the draws take place?

Dally at 7 PM.

What do I do if I have a complaint or a concern regarding a recent incident?

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You can report any complaint or concern by contacting the Lottomania Care Representative via email at [email protected]


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