Facebook Denies Logging Your Call and SMS History Without Permission

For the past weeks, Facebook feet has been on hot coals and all these started from the Cambridge Analytica’s scandal that was report by the Guardian. Reportedly, data from 50 million Facebook profiles was gathered via an app which was then used to create models for target advertisements.

This privacy gap led to Facebook’s stock to dip, thus its market capitalization to take a plunge from this story. The campaign for people on social media to delete their Facebook profiles due to this debacle became vigorous and this also includes high profile figures like Tesla & Space X’s CEO, Elon Musk.

Pertaining to Facebook downloading one’s data, a user by the name Dylan decided to investigate if his Facebook data has been compromised and discovered something startling in the process: Apparently Facebook was logging his entire call history with his partner’s mum.

He also found out that there was a record of every single contact on his phone even the ones he didn’t have, metadata about text messages received or sent and metadata about the cellular calls ever made.

The entire thread was incredibly popular on Twitter and it shows how much tracking Facebook does and the company has decided to respond to these sort of tracking claims.

“You may have seen some recent reports that Facebook has been logging people’s call and SMS (text) history without their permission. This is not the case,” they said on the post.

Facebook explained further that call and text logging are opt in  features for people who use Messenger or Facebook Lite on Android and people have to ‘expressly agree’ to use the feature. Interesting enough, they didn’t mention the regular full featured Facebook for Android app, full featured Messenger app and the iOS app, which is kind of weird.

The company also was quick to clarify that when you turn on the ability to continuously upload your contacts and your call/text history, the feature does not collect the content of your calls or texts. Apparently this information is ‘securely stored’ and not sold to third parties.

This looks like so when you check out Dylan’s thread and you would be shocked to realize how much data Facebook mines from your account. Also, this post by Facebook aptly titled ‘Fact Check’ was to quell the fire from its data mining activities which was fueled by the Cambridge Analytica story and its subsequent ban by the company and we are yet to see what they will do next to gain the public’s trust.

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