Facebook Announces Mobile App For Express Wi-Fi (APK File Download)

Facebook has launched an Android app for Express Wi-Fi users. The new Express Wi-Fi mobile app allows people in developing markets find nearby Express Wi-Fi hotspots more easily, as well as buy data packs for use.

Before the introduction of the app, Express Wi-Fi users had to use a mobile website, or directly download an app from a telecom operator, something that required them to reconfigure their smartphone settings. In addition, users had no way to figure out hotspot locations.

The new Express Wi-Fi mobile app is available in Google Play. There is no iOS version of the app. We wouldn’t be sure what an iOS app would be needed for though, seeing that Express Wi-Fi is targeted at lower income users. The iPhone is not exactly an affordable item to that category of people.

Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi is available in India, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Indonesia, but the new app is said to be available in Indonesia and Kenya for now.

It seems it’s still not available, though said to be in Nigeria, because it gives the unpleasant message that says, “This item is not available in your country“.

You can also download the APK FILE HERE

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