Do We Really Need Lite Apps? Why The Duplication Of Apps?

Why we need Lite Apps? Virtually everybody knows the WhatsApp. The tremendous efficiency of WhatsApp on phones makes it to be widely accepted today in the globe.

Aside the fact that the messaging app does not require the usual sign-up and login processes, it has been built from the start to work on all kinds of hardware and with all kinds of networks. That is what I called smart, pro-active reasoning.

Why Do Developed Countries Still Need Lite Apps?

That is the way every single app on the planet should be developed from the word Go. I am a fan of lite apps, but even that gets tiring. Having two versions for every app under the sun begins to irritate.

And now we have regular Android OS and also Android Go for low-end hardware. Sigh. What next? iOS Come? Just merge both versions into one efficient app or piece of software. This duplication of resources isn’t very efficient either.

How about developers just go the WhatsApp route from the start so they do not need a lite app some years down the road?

Facebook Lite is available in over 100 countries, and more countries will join the list. And the reason is simple: people everywhere love efficiency. Lite apps are efficient.

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