Airtel 4G LTE Reportedly Live In Lagos

After Airtel launched its 4G LTE network in Ibadan in February this year, the operator’s subscribers living in Lagos have been anticipating for the service as well. And now, it appears their wish is already here.

Some Airtel subscribers have reportedly being able to access and use Airtel 4G in Lagos after a SIM swap. Airtel 4G SIMs are allegedly now available in Las Gidi. Though, we are yet to confirm this from our end but ot’s possible you have the signal in your vicinity. You can also pop in to any Airtel shop around to make enquiries.

Meanwhile, remember the following details about Airtel Nigeria 4G service:

  • It runs on the LTE Frequency Band 3(1800), which is one of the most popular 4G bands available.
  • Airtel is giving out a 4GB bonus data to everyone who activates 4G service.
  • The 4GB bonus data is usable on 4G network only, so if you happen to live or work where there is no 4G coverage, you cannot use it on 3G or 2G.

Have you been able to get and access Airtel 4G network in Lagos? Where? Do share your experiences with us via the comment box below.


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