A Gold iPhone X By Caviar Is Now Available For $4,510

The iPhone X is still difficult for some people to get a hold of since it launched last year due to its price tag. And for the rich who are ready to buy, the disappointment there is that it only comes in two colors, none of them gold. This has frustrated quite a few would-be buyers. Well, the Russian company Caviar has come to fix that.

It’s now introducing not one but two golden iPhone X variants, and as usual this isn’t just a different paint-job. Instead, you’re treated to a pure 24K gold coating, because if you’re going to buy a gold iPhone X you deserve the real thing.

Caviar iPhone X Classic Classic Gold
Caviar iPhone X Classic Classic Gold


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The two versions are called Classic Gold and Classic Liquid Gold, the former retailing for a whopping $4,510, while the latter will set you back an even more eye-watering $4,805 (based on the current exchange rates). If money is no object and you truly want your iPhone X to stand out in a sea of silver and Space Gray models, then this will feel pretty reasonable to you.

Caviar iPhone X Classic Liquid Gold
Caviar iPhone X Classic Liquid Gold

Both Caviar handsets are decorated with “a legendary apple symbol”, for the first time in the company’s history, and with the Liquid Gold iteration you get an unusual shape that creates a sensation of “liquid” metal, “as if it was transforming in the hands of its owner”.

Sales have already started, so get yours via this LINK.

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