Today, we brought to you the Top 10 camera smartphones released by Consumers report. And now, here is the 2017 top 10 smartphones list according to a report. This time around, Apple loses the top spot while BBK keeps growing, Gionee entered the spotlight for the first time, and Samsung smartphones still rules them all.

You might possible be asking who BBK is, since you know Samsung, Apple and even Gionee. Well, BBK Electronics is the parent company for the polpular Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Imoo.

Going back to the chat, Apple lost a spot and move down from number 2 to 3. Gionee finally manages to make the list for the first time.

Table of Interests

2017 Top 10 Smartphones (Global)

  1. Samsung: 317M = 21%
  2. BBK (Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus): 225M = 15%
  3. Apple: 216M = 14%
  4. Huawei: 153M = 10%
  5. Xiaomi: 93M = 6%
  6. ZTE/Nubia: 61M = 4%
  7. LG: 55M = 4%
  8. Lenovo/Motorola: 49M = 3%
  9. Gionee: 39M = 3%
  10. TCL/Alcatel/Blackberry/Palm: 25M = 2%

Total smartphones shares: 1.5 billion

According to the statistics provided by Tomi Ahonen Consulting, Apple sales “were flat in a year that was flat. Out of the Top 5, all other 4 manufacturers GREW their sales – Samsung by 3%, BBK by 29%, Huawei by 10% and Xiaomi by 70%. Don’t fall into the silly trap to think, that Apple is somehow ‘doing fine’. It is LOSING the battle.”


Now moving to Africa, who rules the continent, is still Samsung or who? Definitely not Apple.

2017 Top 3 Smartphones (Africa)

In Africa, the story for Samsung is not the same as the Transsion smartphones overtook the Korean company for the first time.

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  1. Transsion = 28%
  2. Samsung = 27%
  3. Huawei = 7%


Naturally, none of the Transsion brands individually beats Samsung Mobile on the continent. Transsion makes Tecno, iTel, Infinix, Spice, Oriamo and syinix.

IDC also reported that the market share of feature phones in Africa rose to 61% in 2017 from 55.4% in 2016, while market share for smartphones fell to 39% from 44.6%.

Smartphone OS Market Share

In OS-wise, Android OS controls about 85.4% of the global smartphone market while Apple’s iOS has the rest.




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