WhatsApp keeps dishing out several updates for its messaging app and all are in a bid to make the app exceptionally convenient and wonderful. Another update is available again and this time around, it’s meant to improve group features on WhatsApp. It’s gradually being rolled out to Windows Phone, Android and iOS. This is actually a step closer to the rolling out of Group super powers feature.

For the time being, here is the latest feature which is already available for Windows Phone and Android beta testers if you are a group owner.

Group description

The group description feature is now available and it enables Group owners to add a description stating what the group is all about.

All the group members can view the group description (that’s public in case the group invite link has been shared with third parties) at the top of the Group Info Section.

Also if you are sharing the group link to some participant to join, the group description will appear. Meaning before you join group on WhatsApp, you’ll be able to know what the group is about through the description stated by the Admin.


When a new participant joins the group using a group invite link (or an admin adds him), the new participant will see a pinned box, where it will be visible the description of the group.

The pinned description will automatically disappear once the user leaves the chat and it won’t appear again. All participants can normally edit the group description, but the administrator will be able to restrict this feature, preventing no-administrators to modify the group description once the Group super power feature is available.

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Note that this privacy option will available in future.



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