What Else Is Not Possible? See the ‘World’s First Smartphone-driven Car

The last time we discussed on the power of smartphone was a smartphone-powered laptop by Razer – Razer Linda. And now, we are moving into another level with a smartphone-driven car. Just note that your Smartphone can do wonders?

Huawei has once again shown the world that they can force other phone manufacturers to go back the drawing board – if they have any left.

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The Chinese company showed off what it claim is the first driverless car to be controlled using a smartphone, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, to be precise. This was done under the RoadReader project, where Huawei tried to put the AI capabilities of the Mate 10 Pro and their object recognition technology to the test.

To carry out the test, it had to transform a Porsche Panamera into a driverless vehicle that could understand its surroundings. This means that the car could distinguish between 1000s of different objects, including a cat and a dog, a ball or a bike and learn to take the most appropriate course of action.

Now, Huawei has drawn a battle line on another terrain entirely – waiting for others to show what they got in the world of driverless riders.

What do you think about this cool tech?

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