Swype Keyboard Finally Discontinued

If you are the type who use alternative apps instead of pre-installed apps, you will know that Swype is one of the most popular keyboards for smartphones. The developer has announced the discontinuation of Swype. The company confirmed this to several of its users, who were looking for support with various bugs. Nuance Communications, owners of the app, said Swype will no longer be updated for Android and will no longer be available on the iOS app store.

How Swype Gain Its Popularity

Swype Keyboard became popular when it was the default keyboard on plenty of Huawei devices but now Nuance is dropping its support for the app and all direct-to-consumer business to focus on AI solutions for sale directly to businesses. With dropping Swype+Dragon, the company will now focus more on its dictation software in vehicles and medical equipment.

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Better Alternatives To Swype Still Available

Well, never get bothered as there are two better alternatives out there for you – Gboard by Google or SwiftKey by Microsoft with more than 500M installs on Android and iOS.

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