The world appears to now revolves round those pieces called smartphone. You can do wonders with them, even now powers your PC. Few attempts have been seen with the use of a smartphone to power a PC. Microsoft did it with Continuum, Samsung can boast of their DeX Station which, similar to Continuum, allows you to turn your phone into a computer using a cable and a dock. And now, another smartphone manufacturer, Razer, has come up with Razer Linda, a laptop with a smartphone dock.

Razer Linda is essentially a laptop shell with a screen, keyboard, and giant battery, but with no internal processing power. Yes; no processor, no RAM, no internal storage, no motherboard. All you need is inserting a Razer phone in the smartphone dock and the phone deals with all the processing.

Great concept, isn’t it? Just get a Razer Phone, obtain the Razer Linda, and you can use your smartphone as a laptop anytime you want. Simply insert the phone in the dock area – situated where a laptop’s touchpad is traditionally located. In use, the smartphone screen becomes the touchpad.

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As mentioned earlier, Linda has a giant battery, so your phone undergoes charging while in use as a PC. This smartphone-powered laptop is still a concept, but I can see how it is a much more convenient smartphone-PC solution than Microsoft’s Continuum or Samsung’s DeX.

Meanwhile, there are initiatives to use just the smartphone OS to power a PC. Jide came up with Remix OS to deploy Android OS on PCs. That approach eliminates the smartphone completely and gives you a standalone PC, quite different from the smartphone-as-a-PC solution.

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Razer Linda On Display

Below is a demonstration video of Project Razer Linda in use.

Hopefully, Razer will see this beyond concept stage and produce for the market. Continuum requires a desktop. So does DeX. A smartphone-powered laptop like Razer Linda is more portable and convenient to use, requiring no cable or extra dock. We are getting there.



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