MTN Nigeria has given a one of its existing promo program a face-lift which it dubbed the REVAMPED MTN KPALASA OFFER.

What is MTN KPALASA Offer?

MTN KPALASA campaign is automated device Offer campaign which rewards NEW 3G/4G devices on the MTN Network with 100% bonus data on every data bundle they activate for 3 months.

Who can get the MTN Smartphone Upgrade Offer?

  1. All new and existing MTN customers with NEW 3G/4G dev ices on the MTN Network
  2. All 3G/ 4G devices that have never been used on MTN network
  3. All customers that have never enjoyed the offer are eligible for the MTN 100% Device bundle offer.

Who can get the MTN Smart phone Upgrade Offer?

All new and existing MTN customers with NEW 3G/4G devices on the MTN Network.

How do I enjoy the MTN KPALASA Offer?


Buy a 3G/ 4G phone from any MTN store, partner stores, or in the open market, or bring your existing 3G/ 4G phone from another network.

  • Insert a registered MTN SIM and wait for SMS confirming you have received the bonus data offer
  • Dial *131# to activate any MTN Data Bundle and enjoy up to 100% bonus.

Will I get any message about the MTN KPALASA Offer?

Yes, as soon as you activate a new 3G/ 4G device on the MTN Network, you will receive a welcome message that also informs you about the offer.

How long will I keep enjoying the KPALASA Offer?

You will enjoy the 100% bonus Offer for 3 months period.

Will I be charged for activating an MTN Data bundle?

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Yes, you will be charge d for activating any of the MTN Data Bundle, however, you will not be charged for the 100% Data bonus.

Will I be able to roll over un-used data?

Yes! However, you will have to renew your existing data plan before it expires in order to roll over unused data.

How do I check the 100% Device bonus balance?

Simple Dial *13 1* 4# or SMS 2 to 131.

I have a smartphone used on another network, how can I enjoy this offer?

All smartphones that have NEVER been used on MTN network will be able to enjoy the offer. Simply insert a registered MTN SIM card in the device .



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