Official Samsung Galaxy S9 promo videos released – slow-mo camera, 3D emojis

Samsung Mobile Korea just released three teaser videos for its much anticipated flagships – Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Though the clips are short (15 seconds each), but they contain less than subtle tipoffs about the key features of the upcoming devices.

The first video dwells more on the speed but towards the end of the video – the second the “9” appears, time slows down to a crawl. That simply means the introduction of a slow-motion camera.

The second video is shot in the dark. That is until the “9” appears and the image brightens up considerably. Samsung has been pushing low-light performance for several generations, but the S9 duo is supposed to have an f/1.5 lens with a variable aperture.

And lastly, on the third video, 3D emoji that was rumoured yesterday appears clearly – “animoji”


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