NTA Bans Staff From Online Activities To Prevent Government Criticism

The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) has banned its staff from going online to engage, use or share online and offline content that could impact negatively on NTA’s reputation or embarrasses the current government of Nigeria.

Below is the full text of the circular dated 15th of January 2018:

The unguarded and unethical manner, in which on-line publications concerning sensitive and topical national issues are being embraced, canvassed, patronised and shared by members of staff to the embarrassment of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) has come to the notice of Board of Management. Management has decided to put a stop to this reckless and unethical behaviour.

The Director General therefore expressly mandates you to inform all members of staff in your station to steer clear of any publication (on-line or otherwise) that could impact negatively on the corporate existence of Nigeria and to the embarrassment of the Nigerian Television Authority.

Please note that any member of staff caught in this fast spreading serious act of misconduct will be made to face the consequences of his/her action in line with civil service rules.

The circular was signed by Steve Egba, Executive Director, Admin. & Training on behalf of the Director General, NTA.
From the above statement, NTA’s authorities are forbidding staff from sharing or engaging with online content that criticises the television station and the government.

Are we moving back to 1984 again in 2018? This act of media censorship sets a dangerous precedence.

However, do people still watch NTA stations again?

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