Looking For How To Cut Your Smartphone Addiction? This App Will Help You!

In order to help users have a complete control of their personal time and reduce their smartphone addiction, Samsung has launched an app called, the Thrive. This app was developed in partnership with Arianna Huffington.

In a simply language, Thrive is like an elaborate version of the Do not disturb button. However, one unique thing about the app is that it comes with an app control dashboard to inform users of how much time they have spent on a particular app. This knowledge can then be applied to setting goals and limits for certain apps.

In other words, Thrive works as a planner, coach, and guide to help you focus on what matters the most. If you like what Thrive is offering and already own the Note 8 or are looking to get one, you can download it for free by searching for Thrive on the Galaxy Apps.The app is exclusively for Galaxy Note 8 owners.

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