Instagram Direct To Get New Replay Options

Instagram Direct To Get New Replay Options in order to take on Snapchat

Instagram is planning to add a couple of new features to Direct, which will make make the app more competitive in the instant messaging market. For those that have been using Instagram Direct, they already know how to use replay with messages, but if you don’t not, here is a quick summary.

How To Use Replay With Messages

With Instagram Direct, user can replay temporarily all their received messages before they would completely disappear, while on Snapchat, users are allowed to replay photo and video messages but with no chance to disable the option.

Now Here’s What The Update Will Bring

And now, with the imminent of an update, a new set of replay options for those using Instagram Direct, which will enable them to send a photo or video and decide whether the recipient can view it once, replay it temporarily until it disappears, or see a permanent thumbnail of it in the chat log.

Instagram officials says that these changes are meant to offer users “more control of what they share with friends in Direct.” The new chat options should be available for some since Instagram has been rolling them out since last month.


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