Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking service, mainly among the young generation. Snapchat works in a way that any photos and videos uploaded to Snapchat remains there for a while before it expires and gets deleted.

It is the flawless platform for showing off some stunts about yourself in pictorial form or video. However, with the right tools, Snapchat content can be saved. Here are a few apps that help you save Snapchat photos and videos and stories.

Whether you are using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you can save Snapchat photos, videos and stories that you come across. Here are some good apps that help you do that.

Apps That Can Be Used To Save Snapchat Photos And Videos

  1. Snapchat Saver for Android OS

Snapchat Saver is a very popular app that is available for Android smartphones. It helps you save Snapchat photos, videos, and stories.

  1. SaveMySnaps for Android OS

You can view and download snaps with SaveMySnaps, and Android app.

  1. SnapBox for iOS

Of you are an iPhone user, SnapBox is likely the app you need for saving your snaps. Just login to the app with your Snapchat ID and save those photos, videos, and stories away.

These are the best iOS and Android apps to save/download your Snapchat photos, videos and stories. Are you making use of any of these apps or have you seen better apps than the aforementioned? Do let us know via the comment form below.


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