Globacom is one of the Top four telecom operator in Nigeria. The company offers prepaid packages, contracts and per-second billing, as well as mobile Internet, mobile banking and multimedia message service. You might have subscribed to one of the Glo services called Glo Auto Borrow, but you’ve never heard of its Auto Borrow aspect of the service and you don’t know how to cancel it. This post will teach you how to opt-out of the Glo Auto Borrow service?

Glo Auto Borrow Credit

The amount of data plans offered by Glo are very diverse, and offers a service called ‘borrow me credit’ which can be used by prepaid customers. It’s one of the most cutting-edge service launched by Glo so far. When a customer is out of recharge, all he needs is to simply buy a recharge card and recharge his account; but, going out to purchase recharge cards may sometimes be inconvenient due to certain conditions like the time of the day or during a journey. So Glo introduced the “borrow me credit” option to solve this problem.

It is pretty easy to activate one of the Glo data plans, and it provides large amounts of choices for different clients. However, upon successful activation of one of the Glo data plans, it will be renewed automatically when your subscription expires.

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The auto renewal services are important and necessary, but sometimes can be infuriating at times. In the end, sometimes you do not even need to borrow credit, yet the already activated service goes ahead to credit your account automatically. At such moments you could really regret activating this service.

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Today, I am going to share a short guide that can help you to solve the auto renewal problem.

How to stop Glo Auto Borrow Credit Service

It’s pretty simple to Deactivate this service is incredibly simple, but may may not know how to stop Auto Borrow on Glo because they are simply not interested in learning how.

To deactivate the Glo Auto Borrow me Credit service,

  1. First dial *321# and press 1 to choose the auto borrow me services menu.
  2. After doing that, you will be presented with different options, simply choose number 2 to cancel your subscription.
  3. After a short while, you will receive a text message to confirm that you have successfully cancelled the auto renewal service.

NOTE: Deactivation or cancelling of this service does not mean that you will not be able to use it again. Whenever you need to use it, you can simply reactivate the service.

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