The downvotes feature is not the same as ‘dislike’ button or that of Reddit upvotes and downvotes. But, the “ downvote” button Facebook is testing will help clean up some of the hateful comments and fake news posts that are currently wreaking havoc on the social media platform.

The downvote button will eventually appear in the area where you would normally “ Like” a post or reply to a comment. When tapped, the downvote button hides a comment, and gives users additional reporting options like “Offensive”, “Misleading”, and “Off Topic”.

Those may possibly help Facebook figure to out if the comment is objectionable, a form of ” fake news “, or just irrelevant.
Here is a look at a comment with “downvote” option;

According to Facebook, the feature test will affect about 5% of Android users who have “English” set as the default language in the app. The downvote button, for right now, only appears on public Page posts, not on Groups posts or those from individual users.

However, the new downvote button is the closest Facebook has come to actually giving people a dislike button.

via: TechcCrunch


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