Facebook Marketplace Now Available In Three Other African Countries

Facebook launched Marketplace back in 2016. It was another section in the already feature packed Facebook ecosystem that would allow people to buy and sell items. The company started this operation in a few countries (US, UK, Australia and New Zealand) and they pledged to introduce the business to additional countries later.

Facebook Marketplace Rolling Out To More Countries

In January this year, Facebook launched Marketplace in South Africa and now they are rolling out the product to three more countries in the continent and they are Egypt, Algeria and Morocco. This will be effected over the next few weeks.

“Marketplace will be rolling out in Egypt, Morocco and Algeria over the coming weeks,” a Facebook spokesperson said, according to iAfrikan. “As we learn and get feedback from people about how they are using Marketplace, we will explore expanding into other countries within the Middle East region.”

Rolling this feature out to more markets is good for Facebook. Currently, people sell a lot of merchandise over Facebook groups and the idea of creating a dedicated classifieds section would make it easy for people to trade on Facebook.

Starting Where Online Shops Fair well

Apparently the Middle East and North Africa region spends a lot online, where it has risen from $2.7 billion to $7.3 billion in the last two years from a community with 164 million active monthly users.

This news follows the news that the classifieds firm OLX is allegedly combining its business in Africa and the rollout of Facebook Marketplace would make this industry even more competitive. However, we are still yet to know when Facebook Marketplace will be rolled out to Nigeria and be assured judging from the businesses that flourish on Facebook, it might become a success.

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