BlackBerry ‘Ghost’ Coming Soon. A Bezel-less Smartphone

Could this be the phone to bring Blackberry glory back to the company, especially now that the Canadian company seems to be excited for selling a mediocre 850,000 phones in 2017? Though Blackberry could have been dead by now, thanks to Android OS. Blackberry is currently working on a new blackberry device called Blackberry Ghost.

A tweet from a leakstar, evans blass says BlackBerry ‘Ghost’ is a premium, bezel-less Android handset from licensee Optiemus. Though, no further information on the level of the so call all-screen  display, whether it’s going to be similar to that of the iPhone X or look like the current set of premium Android phones.

Also, for now, we are yet get more details relating to this device, except that it will be a “premium” device and most definitely will be in black. What we know is that it will be designed and manufactured by Optiemus Infracom, one of the three licensee for BlackBerry, who have previously handled the marketing, sales, distribution and support for the BlackBerry KeyONE last year in India.

So what do you think about this first impression, though no specs nor pricing, nothing other than to say it’s a bezel-less premium Android handset?

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