MTN CallerFeel is a service that allows MTN customers (both prepaid and postpaid) express themselves via short messages that will appear on their callers’ phone screen as a pop up notification when they are called.

MTN CallerFeel

You can also use smileys and emoticons like this to make your message more exciting. It can be likened to the way we update status messages on BBM, Facebook and Twitter. The mobile operator offers the opportunity for same to be done on any MTN line.

The CallerFeel service is useful for

  • Personalise CallerFeel
  • View history
  • Updating CallerFeel
  • Modify Password
  • CallerFeel Search
  • Allow CallerFeel on only specified numbers
  • Blacklist CallerFeel from specified numbers
  • Invite friends
  • Delete callerfeel
  • View Help service and FAQ

MTN CallerFeel

Table of Interests


MTN CallerFeel comes with various contents such as:

  • Personal Advertising
  • Status messaging
  • Mood description
  • Special messages to specific callers.

How To Activate MTN CallerFeel?

1. SMS

  • By creating your preferred message and sending it to 50016 E.g Today is good to 50016
  • By Texting REG to 50016 (Monthly); or REG7 to 50016 (Weekly); or REG 1 to 50016 (Daily).

2. By Dialing *50016#

3. MyMTNapp- under the play option

4. Visiting,

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5. On play service MTN Chatbot- ZIGI

  • -Telegram
  • – Facebook
  • WhatApp

How much is the MTN CallerFeel service?

Plan Update (no of times) Activation code Price (Naira)
Daily 1 REG1 5
Weekly 10 REG7 30
Monthly 25 REG 50

How To Deactivate MTN CallerFeel

To deactivate CallerFeel text “DEL” to 50016

How Many Characters Can MTN CallerFeel Takes?

MTN CallerFeel content creation is limited to 150 characters, by sending the content created to 50016.

How do I personalize my CallerFeel message?

To personalize your CallerFeel, simply create your message and send it to 50016, E.g.;

  • Your Grace Oh Lord is Sufficient!
  • CEO Oma’s Beauty Palace! Contact us at shop 102 Palms Mall Lekki for your Total Transformation Therapy!
  • Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary to my lovely parents!

How Do I Edit My Existing CallerFeel Content?

To edit CallerFeel contents, simply text the edited content to 50016 and it overrides the existing content.

So much more can be done via Caller Feel web portal

What is a CallerFeel Box?

A CallerFeel box allows you to update your Callers with 10 messages based on pre-defined categories subscribed for. To view the various categories in the box, text SCB to 50016

Will I be able to stop my CallerFeel Subscription?

Customers can deactivate their CallerFeel account subscription at anytime by sending STOP to 50016. They can also deactivate the CallerFeel service from the MTN website, CallerFeel Portal and by dialing *447#



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