Some weeks ago, some Airtel customers observed that their devices tends to be receiving the operator’s 4G LTE services and now, it’s now live in some other parts of the country.

Ibadan, Ogun and Lagos are now enjoying the latest baby 4G LTE network in the country. Expectantly, other states will soon get it.

What Band Is Airtel’s 4G LTE sitting On?

Airtel runs on Band 3 (1800MHz) which is compatible with virtually all the 4G enabled smartphones around.

Below is the result of Airtel’s 4G Speed test in Ibadan, the download speed was 28.45 Mbps and upload was 8.77 Mbps.


How To Activate Airtel 4G LTE On Your Phone?

Simply walk in to any Airtel office nearest to you with your current Airtel SIM and request for a SIM swap. Once the SIM is swapped, if you have the network live in your location, your 4G should come up and be running.

You can also run a check if Airtel 4G is visible if your location is not mentioned above and let us know. To do that;

Go to your phone settings >> Mobile networks >> Network operators >> Search networks.

Tap “Search networks” to initiate a search. After a short period, you should see a list of available networks will be presented to you.

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