Official: You Can Now Use Other Networks On Ntel N1 Nova

This is a very good news for lovers of Ntel N1 Nova but does not want to use the network for one reason or another. Ntel N1 Nova users now have the opportunity to unlock their device from Ntel. This is no tweak or anything close, this is from the network itself.

The operator has released two updates for the phone’s users and one of them which is the second one was an unlocked version update, stating that the phone can now work with any network. Surprising! Isn’t it?

Ntel N1 Nova Updating

Dialpad Update For Ntel N1 Nova

Now, talking about the two update. The first update changelog stated, “Add dialpad”. When you download and install it, then performing the mandatory automatic reboot, it’s will be hard to notice any difference and nothing has been notice from our end. When we discover the dialpad that was added in the update, you will be notified.

Unlocked Version Update For Ntel N1 Nova

The moment you finish with the dialpad update, you will get another update waiting when you check. The changelog stated, “Unlocked version. The device can work for any network”.

Below is a quick background you will get. The N1 Nova is a dual-SIM device and the first SIM slot is the 4G compatible one. And that slot is locked to Ntel. That means the only 4G SIM you can use in the N1 is an Ntel SIM card. Not only is it locked to Ntel, but it is mandatory that an Ntel SIM card be in the slot for you to be able to use any other SIM in the other slot.

Ntel N1 Nova Update

Well, one still wonder why the operator had to make such move. They are still coming up. What do you think?

See the full specs and features of Ntel N1 Nova HERE.

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  1. Goks says

    I would like to be taught how to UNLOCK my NOVA N1 phone, to be able to use network of my choice on the first SIM slot.


  2. Zyhon says

    I updated it to the latest version but stil doesn’t work

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