There will be no LG G7 as LG ends G-series naming scheme

LG is purportedly planning to revamp the way it name its flagship– nothing like “LG G7”. In its place, the South Korean company will begin with a new naming scheme for its early 2018 flagship, according to a quote from an LG official.

The G-series began way back 2012 with Optimus G, a name that was shortened to LG G2 for the follow-up. And after four generations from G2, the G-Name will be miss.

The final name is yet to be decided. “Numbering the phone with a two-digit number and rebranding the phone with a new name are some of the options on the table”.

What does that mean for the LG V30 successor? Nothing, if the LG decides to go with “LG G70” (two digits, same format as the current V-series), but that plants a gap – why is the LG V40 so much behind the G70?

Some think this is might be the reason behind LG’s desire for new names – numbers make the LG G7 look like an older generation compared to iPhone 8 or Galaxy S9. Such numerology might seems silly, but Samsung did skip the Galaxy Note6 for similar reasons and Microsoft’s Xbox has been all over the place trying to chase Sony’s PlayStation.

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