MultiChoice Nigeria Ordered To Pay N5.9 Billion For Special Damages

MultiChoice Nigeria has been awarded N5.9 billion “special damages” the Federal High Court in Lagos in an 8-year-old copyright infringement legal battle between the South Africa company and the MCSN (Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria LTD).

Meanwhile, MultiChoice had dragged MCSN to court, seeking a perpetual injunction to restrain or stop the MSCN from asking or demanding them to obtain copyright license for broadcast and communication to public of musical works on the radio and television channels operated and distributed by Multichoice.

Before the suit, MSCN wrote to MultiChoice in 2011 demanding N4.1 billion for airing its works as copyright infringement on 18 songs which includes; “Konko below” and “Never Far Away” by Lagbaja. Others includes; UEFA Cup thematic music and UEFA Championship League thematic music.

MultichoiCe did this act to promote its business and make profit while MCSN has suffered loss and damages. So, Multichoice has to pay N5.9 billion ordered by the court for special damages for using MSCN works without permission.

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