MMM Cryptocurrency – Mavro Token Is Now Real

Recently, we brought to you that the popular MMM ponzi scheme is about to launch its cryptocurrency blockchain. Here we go with there press release on Mavro token.

What is Mavro?

The team working on the project MAVRO, is one of the best in the industry. Since 2011, they are developing projects that revolve around crypto-currencies.

MAVRO, as a project, has two main objectives:

  • eliminate regulatory bodies in the global sense of the word;
  • increase the transparency of transactions between operators and users, thereby reducing the risk of human errors. All financial flows will be fully distributed among all project participants.

MAVRO, in addition to decentralization, will be 100% transparent and safe, as its system relies on blocking technology. More specifically, MAVRO will work on Ethereum. This means that new, innovative blocking technologies will be fully integrated with the MLM industry.

The platform offers two options for promotion: free and paid. The option of free promotion includes a random search, a general tape, a recommendation on interests, search and reposts. The option of paid promotion includes 2,500 impressions of your advertising ad, targeting by location, interests, gender and age.

MAVRO today is an unprecedented innovation in the MLM system, allowing you to exclude the costs and time wasted for the exchange of funds, purchase / sale of goods and receipt of referral deductions.

Mavro To Be Launched On January 21

MAVRO will not only become the gold standard for crypto currency. MAVRO will be the gold standard of the entire human economy. This is not just a platform and not just a crypto currency. Creation of a multifunctional crypto-exchange platform is only the first step to a global financial recovery.

First, the opportunity will be realized for any MLM company to be open and up-to-date and to reorganize its structure on the blockbuster, this segment was chosen first because now it needs more cleansing from deception, because many MLM companies like to talk about transparency, and print “MAVRO” will become an iron proof of openness. The global MLM market, whose volume exceeds $ 300 billion, is only the first step.

Ultimately, MAVRO will become a perfect transparent currency secured by human actions:

  • Invitation of new participants.
  • Creating a business on the basis of a new economy.
  • Acceptance of payments to MAVRO within a traditional business.
  • A broad field for investing in innovative projects
  • Active deposit accounts, where the deposit holder will choose in which segments of the economy this contribution will provide a useful function.
  • Creation of jobs with payment in MAVRO
  • Transparent, honest lending.

This currency will cover all spheres of human activity and will be provided by all mankind. This is honesty, openness and protection from manipulation by the world’s financial shepherds, who now rule the whole of humanity like a herd, hiding behind the “complexity” of the structure of the world economy. The printing presses will be destroyed when people open their eyes. Truth is always simple. Truth in openness. Truth in each of us. Truth in MAVRO.

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