Ask Lara: An app that gives you directions to your destination

Lara is a very interesting platform. It is a simple web app that helps its users with directions to their destination, as well as with estimated fare. She will also give you an estimate of how much time your commute will take.

How to Use Lara?

It’s just too easy to use, easy as eating your favourite food. In your mobile or desktop browser, simply dash in to and type in your request in this simple format: “from Lagos to Ajah”, and click or tap on the return button, and Lara will display the information like the below:

An interesting part of it is the use of local jargon like Keke and Danfo. Nice from the developers.

This simple web app also enables you to share the directions you get with a friend via WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. This could be of help for safety and other purposes.

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This app is best prescribe to newcomers of a particular place. Though, the app appears to be working with map but it’s yet to cover some locations. For example typing locations outside Lagos would probable give you a negative answer.

Requesting for directions from Agip road to Chimda (Yes; that is Port Harcourt; perhaps Lara could have helped me not get lost as happened the other time ). Lara responded with,

“You are searching for locations outside my current capabilities. We are adding locations soon. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll let you know where we go next.”

So, it appears Lara is limited to giving directions to your destination only in Lagos for now. Yes; that sucks, but it must take a lot of work to input all the data that makes an app like this effective. Gathering all that info for the entire country is a herculean task. Most likely, more states will be rolled out in a phased manner and then one day, one can take a trip around the country with Lara as a companion and guide.

It will be nice to see this develop further and have voice interactions added, among other usability extras. But Lara is good at what she does and within her scope for now. If you crossed over into 2018 single and searching, here’s an available girl. You do not have to walk alone anymore. Do not say I never did anything to help you.

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