This is going to be a good news for all Blackberry users who refused to drop the legendary smartphones and still want to use their WhatsApp on them. It’s no news that WhatsApp has dropped its support for Blackberry OS, Blackberry OS 10 and Windows Phone 8.0 platforms.

There’s has been some methods earlier shared by us on how to get WhatsApp working onr those devices again by installing third party WhatsApp on them.

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In this time of ousterity, alot of people are not ready to drop their old blackberry phones at the moment, so installing a third party WhatsApp application will help for now.

However, you can still use the default WhatsApp on your Blackberry device or Windows Phone 8.0 device again and without installing any third party WhatsApp.

How To Use WhatsApp on Blackberry OS, OS 10 and Windows Phone 8.0

  1. Firstly, back date your Blackberry Phone date to something like November 1, 2017.
  2. Then restart your device and open your WhatsApp.

There you go, you are back on WhatsApp again. Kindly drop your experience in the comment box below.



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