How to Turn Off Last Seen Feature on Instagram

Last week, Instagram introduced a new feature that lets users to find out the last time their friends or family signed on to the app. This enables you to keep tabs on people you follow or have sent messages to in the past.

This new functionality is activated by default; implies it’s on without your prior knowledge, thus all your connections on Instagram can easily find out the last time you used the app.

This feature have since been available for WhatsApp and Facebook users but just coming to Instagram. Of course, not many loves to be tracked like that, so all you need to do is to disable the feature.

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Note: The moment you disable the Activity Status feature, your friends and family won’t be able to keep tab on your Instagram usage and you too will be prevented from seeing theirs.

How to Disable Instagram Activity Status Feature

  • Click on your Profile Tab
  • Hit the gear icon next to EDIT Profile
  • Scroll down to Settings and toggle the switch next to Show Activity Status. This will turn the feature off and allow you to use your Instagram app the way you like.

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